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The liquid resin are mixed with colour, poured into moulds and hardened. It is hand cut into different shapes and sizes. The colour is permanent and will not fade or run.

This product is durable, lightweight and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades of brown. It is smooth to touch and has a seamless finish.

The holes in resin beads (like glass), vary between 1 to 2.5mm wide and are large enough for a variety of stringing material to be used including leather, imitation leather (cotton cord), tiger tail wire, elastic and artistic wire.

We cannot guarantee that a specific colour of resin amber is available in a specific shape and size.




Resin amber beads are available in shades of brown and vary from light brown to orange, red-brown and dark-brown.


Shapes are mostly barrel shapes and rondelle.


Sizes vary from small (10mm wide) to large (22mm wide) and lenghts up to 30mm.