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We accept all orders. Our policy is to have the order ready within 24 hours.

  1. Complete the order form and e-mail to us. You can also complete this by hand and fax to us at: 0865270648
  2. We will e-mail or fax a pro forma invoice.
  3. The total amount, including postage, should be paid into our bank account by direct deposit or electronic transfer. Please quote invoice number on the deposit slip.
  4. Orders need to be paid within three working days from our pro forma invoice or the order will be cancelled.
  5. Please fax proof of this payment to: 0865270648
  6. Deposit slip should be clearly legible.
  7. Orders in South Africa will be sent by counter-to-counter speed mail (takes 24 hours). You will be notified of the tracking number of the parcel. An invoice will be in your parcel.
  8. Orders are mailed once the bank notifies us that the payment was made.




how to order

Complete the order form clearly with all the relevant personal information.
Complete all the detail of the products you require.
Enquiries about your order can be made here.

Bank details:

Account name:
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Roux Burger CC
First National Bank
200-412 (Hermanus)
5247 103 7708
Current account

See terms & conditions




order form

Order online>> order form

Download order form and return by fax.

Please contact us directly concerning further enquiries.




terms & conditions

  1. Prices are subject to change without prior notification.
  2. Items are subject to availability.
  3. Damaged or short order goods must be reported within 24 hours of receiving goods to ensure exchange.
  4. A quote is valid for three working days only.
  5. Orders are mailed only when a payment is cleared by the bank. Cheques are subject to 14 days clearance.




discount structure

See wholesale information for the discount on orders exceeding R1 800.




postal rates

In South Africa, we use counter-to-counter speed mail to dispatch orders. This mail takes 24 hours to reach a destination in South Africa. Contact us if you prefer another option for the dispatching of goods.

Bead weights vary widely. Add approximately 10% to the total of the value of your order for postage. A minimum amount for local counter-to-counter speed mail is payable on orders that weigh less than 1kg.

For international orders we will quote different options. Please contact us.