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These beads are manufactured from clay mixed with ground stone. It has the appearance of stone/marble and the surface is smoothly burnished and not glazed. The beads in a string are slightly graded. Colours are brown, grey and cream. Shapes are round, bicone and bicone faceted. Sizes range from a 10mm round bead to a 34mm long bicone bead.

shell necklace


The white shells (sizes vary between 8mm to 20mm) are strung on elastic and the necklace is 440 mm long.



fishbone string


fishbone necklace (medium)


fishbone necklace (very small)


Shark bone form the island of Madura (Indonesia) is cream in colour. Disk shaped beads are either on a string (300mm long) or strung as a necklace (900mm long). Sizes of beads range from very small (3mm) to medium (12mm).



bone string (round & faceted)


bone necklace (round)


bone necklace (faceted)


carved bone strings


medium (top two strings), large (bottom two strings)

Bone beads, cream in colour, are either in strings (350mm to 400mm long) or necklaces. Shapes are round or square faceted. Sizes of beads range from 6mm to 9mm. The length of the round bead necklace is 900mm and the faceted bead necklace is 730mm.

Carved bone beads (with a design) are brown in colour. Sizes range from medium to large.



The natural colour (cream, brown and black) of horn is resembled in the necklace of 900mm long. Shapes are disks and rectangle.