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The beads are manufactured by home industries and no two strings of beads are exactly the same. This makes the product even more special. In a string with a specific shape of glass beads, there will be variations in colour and the size of the beads. These variations add to the value and uniqueness of the product and are not an indication that the product is of lower quality or a reject. Our emphasis is on individuality and a natural look and we hand select every string of beads.

There are such a big variety of shapes and colours of beads that we cannot guarantee that a specific colour is available in a specific shape and size. Trust us that a combination of shapes in a specific colour looks exquisite and works the best. Visit Inspirations for interesting ideas.

The holes in glass beads vary between 1 to 2.5mm wide and are large enough for a variety of stringing material to be used including leather, imitation leather (cotton cord), tiger tail wire, elastic and artistic wire.




The colour of beads in a string depends on the shape and size of the beads as well the finishing of the product namely polished with a high reflection or dull with a sand blasted look.

Beads are available in shades of white (aqua), blue, aquamarine, turquoise, green, pink, purple, orange and naturals (black, charcoal grey, smokey grey, brown, tea and cream).

The colour of beads are in the composition of the glass material itself and colours will not rub off, run or fade. You will be informed if the colour is enhanced by herbal substances that might rub off or fade in water.




The glass beads are available in an endless variety of shapes - round, rectangle, rectangle faceted, rectangle flat, round diamond faceted, flat diamond, disk, oval, fan, bicone, cone, tube (cylinder), pyramid, teardrop etc.



The sizes vary from small (7mm) to very big (40mm). This influences the number of beads per string. With small beads, there can be as many as 55 beads in a string and in very big shapes it might be only 15 beads. The weight of a string of beads depends on the size and shape thereof.

We classify the beads according to colour and size (regular glass and bigger glass). We strongly recommend that you choose a combination of shapes in colours you prefer.

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