Please contact us if you have any enquiries or special requests.

•  Do you have a catalogue?

No, the website is the catalogue. Styles change too often and the variety of colours, shapes and sizes of beads are too many for a specific classification. Glass beads are classified according to colour and size.

•  What are the sizes of your beads?

The sizes vary greatly from 7mm to 40mm.

•  How many beads are on a string?

This depends on the style of the beads. Even in a specific style of recycled glass beads and natural material beads, the number of beads on two similar strings may vary. Beads are handmade and sizes shape and colour of individual beads in a style may vary slightly. Resin amber beads in a specific style are mostly uniform in shape, size and colour.

•  Do you sell loose beads?

No, mostly the beads are pre-strung on cotton cord and sometimes as finished necklaces. Each string contains more or less 450mm of beads (unless otherwise specified).

•  How big are the holes in the beads?

This depends on the style of the beads and holes can be as big as 2,5mm.

•  Do you have a shop?

No, beads are sold by mail order. We do trade from home, but please make an appointment in advance.

•  Do you sell any findings?

No, we do not trade in findings.

•  Can I specify certain styles, shapes and sizes of beads I prefer?

Yes, you can be specific. We will immediately give you an indication whether your preferences are available.